British Blues Awards Winners 2011

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The winners of the 2011 British Blues Awards were announced at Newark Blues Festival on Sunday September 11th. All artists and bands were nominated, and voted for, by blues fans.

No surprise perhaps that Ian Siegal took home the Male Vocal Award, he's been responsible for some of the most impressive British blues album releases in the past few years. Joanne Shaw Taylor grabbed her second Female Vocal award this year -  her recent releases are confirmation of the talent she showed at such an early age when she burst on to the scene at 16.

Here's a full list of all the winners:

Male Vocal - Ian Siegal
2nd Oli Brown, 3rd Marcus Bonfanti

Female Vocal - Joanne Shaw Taylor
2nd Sandi Thom, 3rd Connie Lush

Band - Oli Brown Band
2nd Ian Siegal Band, 3rd Matt Schofield Band

Guitar - Matt Schofield
2nd Robin Trower, 3rd Oli Brown

Harmonica - Paul Jones
2nd Giles King, 3rd Paul Lamb

Keyboard - Jonny Henderson
2nd Paddy Milner, 3rd Bennett Holland

Bass - Andy Graham
2nd Fergie Fulton, 3rd Silas Maitland

Drums - Wayne Proctor
2nd Alan Taylor, 3rd Paul Hamilton

Instrumentalist - Son Henry (lap steel)
2nd Patsy Gamble, 3rd Kyla Brox

Young Artist - Chantel McGregor
2nd Oli Brown, 3rd Ben Poole

Blues Festival - Colne
2nd Blues On The Farm, 3rd Maryport

Overseas Artist - Joe Bonamassa
2nd Walter Trout, 3rd Buddy Whittington

Broadcast - Paul Jones
2nd Gary Grainger, 3rd Tim Aves

Album - Heads I Win Tails You Lose - Oli Brown
2nd Merchants and Thieves - Sandi Thom
3rd Porchlight - Todd Sharpville

A tree has been planted in Newark Castle Park to commemorate the life of blues man Kevin Thorpe, a plaque was unveiled on Sunday and an award for song writing was created in his name. The inaugural winners of the Kevin Thorpe Songwriter Award are:

1st - Joanne Shaw Taylor for Same As It Never Was
2nd - Todd Sharpville for Lousy Husband
3rd - Ben Poole for Everything I Want

Blues In Britain presented Paul Jones with a Lifetime Achievement Award: over fifty years of service to music, the blues, the arts and broadcasting.

Congratulations to all!

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  1. […] The full list of winners is here. Share This Page […]

  2. Bob McCawley says:

    Why does Sandi Thom keep cropping up?
    The blues album she did is mediocre to say the least and is only the result of her relationship with Bonamassa who without his contribution wouldnt have even registered.
    Thom may well have a voice but its more suited to the advertisments she sang over for years.
    Lets not carried away with our appreciation of Bonamassa by bigging up the girlfriend in the hope of gaining favour because thats why Thom is on these lists right now.

  3. Sandi Thom is in the list because sufficient numbers of blues fans voted for her, simple as that. She’s very popular. It’s all about opinion. It may not be your opinion.

    Lady Gaga gets to the top of the charts. Is she good? She is to the people who buy her records.

    In MY opinion, Joe Bonamassa’s lumpen, unoriginal but technically proficient and jaw-droppingly popular blues rock should disqualify him from being anywhere near a blues awards ceremony, but that’s just what I think.

    Did you vote, Bob? Who did you vote for?

  4. Bob McCawley says:

    Im pretty keen on Marcus Bonfanti right now Who i voted for and Connie Lush, although my particular rant wasnt because of her placing behind Thom but because i class Ms Thom as a session singer who although technically proficient doesnt have real emotion behind the voice.
    Son Henry and Robin Trower were also on my voting list

  5. Barry Bordillo says:

    most of the winners, and indeed those other ‘artists’ voted for don’t know the blues they just play the ‘industry’ norm of ‘what is thought to be the blues’! I understand what Bob is saying, sandi thom is no more a blues player than the members of the Sugarbabes or take that!

    I would not of voted for many of the featured artsists here as they perform something akin to pseudo/neo-blues!

  6. So who would you have voted for?

    Someone who is old, black and American?

    What do you think of as the blues?

  7. I’d just like to thank everybody who nominated me then voted for me in the Broadcast category. To come runner up to Paul Jones made me feel pretty good – not bad for an enthusiastic amateur!
    The Blues show on Sundays 6-8pm, repeated Wed 11pm, syndicated to Kansas City Online Radio.

  8. Ashwyn Smyth says:

    What a shame that the only comments on here about the BBAs seem to be negative ones! Perhaps I should add as usual! I think the organisers should be congratulated on another successful Awards. OK many of thee winners were predictable but, as with any such Awards, they were voted for by the public, the people who go to gigs and buy CDs and SUPPORT the music. No amount of carping is going to change that. Let’s be positive and congratulate all those nominated (and yes I am including myself in that) For me simply being nominated meant a hell of a lot and was a recognition of the last ten years of broadcasting.
    Digital Blues in on Gateway 97.8 every Wednesday at 21.00 repeated at 20.00 Sundays. There is also a Digital Blues show on KCOR broadcast at 17.00 UK time every Sunday and repeated at various times through the week.

  9. David says:

    Sandi Thom blues singer? Ok… where does that leave Jo Harman I wonder?

  10. Congratulations to those who are nominated for the awards. So much amazing talent and the nomination alone proved the extent. Also congratulating the organizers for presenting such a brilliant award ceremony!

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