Issue 231 – March ’21

February 25, 2021 in Editorial, Uncategorized

Rather than fixating on the lack of gigs and tours, most musicians have got down to it, whether via Zoomed gigs, or streaming and suchlike, or releasing videos and singles online. We now publish an Album Reviews section that runs to nigh-on ten pages every month, with new releases coming in faster than we can review!
Whether you read front-to-back, or start at the back (a lot of people do), you might have spotted an advertisement from our wonderful new printers, Run Print Run, for Covid-related workplace products. Many print periodicals (not just music ones: R.I.P. Planet Rock, Q etc.) have closed over the past year and printers have suffered accordingly: so if we can help a little, we will.
Stay healthy and Go Well.
Nicholas John

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