What’s New in Issue 124

March 27, 2012 in Editorial

What happened when Etta James interrupted Earl Thomas’ afternoon nap?

How did the Matt Taylor and Motives end up marooned in the middle of a lake in Holland?

Why did Ry Cooder scream when he shook Hans Theessink’s hand?

Why are Hokie Joint definitely going by boat next time they play in Holland?

Which Howling Wolf track turned Marcus Bonfanti onto the Blues?

All these questions are answered in Issue 124!

And there’s more:

Tommy Allen helps you build your must-have album collection, Walter Trout features in ‘Gig-of-the-Month’, Les Back picks the Gibson ES-5 as a ‘guitar that made the blues’, there are reviews of festivals in Banbury and Shrewsbury, of gigs from North Wales to North London and of blues CDs from around the world.

You can even win a 1966 ‘Dennis the Menace’ Annual!

Michael Ford

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