What’s New in Issue 126

May 25, 2012 in Editorial

Who would the members of Hokie Joint want to play them in a movie of their life on the road?

Why does Grainne Duffy say that you’ll only hear Irish influences in her music if you’re not Irish?

Which UK harpist is "Well fit" according to a friend of 'Our Monica'?

Why does Florida’s J. J. Grey say songwriting is as easy as digesting food?

Who, does Leadbelly tell us, was celebrating when the Titanic sank?

All these questions are answered in Issue 126!

And there’s more:

The Danish 'Larry Stalkers' visit the Yorkshire Dales for a 'Stag Weekend of the Blues', a professional drummer becomes a 'Blues Broker' in I Live The Life I Love and Les Back hails the Gibson Les Paul as a 'guitar that made the blues'.

There are reviews of festivals in Burnley, Guisborough and Tampa Bay and gigs from Edinburgh in the North to Plymouth in the South. There dozens of CDs reviewed and an in-depth look at a photographic journal of the Ian Siegal Band touring in Europe.

Michael Ford

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