What’s New in Issue 131

October 28, 2012 in Editorial

Why does Ian Jennings say double bass is perfect for Lisa Mills’ music?

What’s it like to have Alvin Youngblood Hart singing in your house?

Which Delta Blues legend broke Tom McGuinness’ National guitar?

Why did BB King call his guitar Lucille?

Did Leadbelly really sing his way out of prison?

How did an Allman  Brother plus a Neville Brother make a Royal Southern Brotherhood?

All these questions are answered in Issue 131

And there’s more:

Tune in to our first featured blues radio station on www.ukbluestoday.co.uk, find out how bands are selected for the Paul Jones Show and how Hokie Joint’s Joel was endorsed by Hofner guitars.

There are reviews  of festivals in Norfolk and Essex and of gigs London, Surrey, Yorkshire and Dorset plus all your favourite features.

Michael Ford

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