What’s New in Issue 133

December 22, 2012 in Editorial

Which guitar solo reduces Irish bluesman Simon McBride to tears on stage?

How did Blue Swamp front-man Mike Bowden come to have Blind Lemon Jefferson’s name written on his school satchel?

Which cassette changed Blue Commotion vocalist Zoe Schwarz forever?

Which twelve memories kept blues-webmaster Alan White warm this Christmas?

Which Rolling Stones album does Tommy Allen say is a ‘must have’ for your collection?

What made the UK contingent give Bonnie Raitt ‘a miss’ in Arkansas?

All these questions are answered in Issue 133.

Tune in to this month’s featured blues radio station, Radio Wey, on www.thebluessession.co.uk, read about Hokie Joint’s last trip to Paris and consider suggestions for new themes for blues songs.

There are reviews of festivals in the USA, the Caribbean, Switzerland, Cumbria and Devon and gigs in London, Sussex, Surrey, Yorkshire, Dorset, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and Gloucestershire.

Michael Ford

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