What’s New in Issue 98

February 1, 2010 in Editorial

Issue 98Our cover artist Ray Gelato, unusually for Blues In Britain, is at the jazz end of rhythm and blues. His band Ray Gelato’s Giant reflects the time when every American r & b and rock and roll band had a saxophonist. I went to see Ray and he told me all about his influences and experiences. His music swings!

The Brazilian guitarist and singer, Alamo Leal, lived for many years in Europe but has settled back home. Happily, he returns to the UK from time to time and, when he was here last year, Scott Duncan interviewed him for Blues In Britain. Naturally they talked about Alamo’s new album, named simply Alamo Leal. Alamo tells me that he hopes to tour here in the Autumn.

We have three e-letters for this issue. One is about the acoustic duo Dr Stenson & Pete Burke. Pete Burke has been persuaded to come back from Spain for a brief tour and Kevin Stenson has written to tell us how they got together and about their style. The band 24 Pesos has a second album out, Neckbones & Gumbo. Since they formed in 2007 they have had some exciting gigs in Europe and the UK. You can read about it in their e-letter. The third e-letter is from Skyport Ade and when I read it the first time, I laughed out loud. I guess his gigs must be rather entertaining. Skyport Ade’s Pottingshed Band also has a new album out, called Mortimer Blues, named after the village where Ade lives.

Despite the dreadful weather, there have been a number of great gigs lately, which have been well attended. There are more to come. As we are going to press, we have had news of two festivals in London in February: The 2nd North London Festival, at The Intimate Theatre London N13, and a week long event The Blues Kitchen Festival of R & B, at the new venue in Camden High Street in London NW1. Check the magazine for more details.

As ever, we are indebted to the many reviewers and photographers who contribute to the magazine. Without you, the magazine would not exist. The same goes for you the readers. Thank you all for your support.

Fran Leslie

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  1. Graeme says:

    Keep up the good work – it’s great to see blues rising again. I saw Davy Knowles on breakfast TV yesterday – playing a resonator – the times they are a changin again! Makes me look forward – and in these uncertain times – that’s gotta be a good think.
    Thanks for the mag.
    little devils

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