Issue 213 – September 2019

August 27, 2019 in Editorial, Uncategorized

In this month’s magazine Trev Turley ponders on Pigeonholing music, whilst we report on the tie-up of Sayer & Joyce with the American label Gulf Coast Records. The Ruf Records’ Blues Caravan is on tour and we take a look behind the scenes and find out what the girls will be playing. Samantha Fish has a new album and will be touring here in 2020, so we have a chat to find out a bit more about the new album. Toby Walker makes a welcome return to our shores in September, we find out about what to expect. The UK Blues Challenge is upon us and one of the entrants is The Achievers who also have a new album, we get the details. The Spikedrivers write about their new project Saints & Sinners.

As usual we catch up with your Gig & Festival Reviews and reviews of new releases. If you’re staying in and listening to the radio for your blues then check out the Radio Guide on Page 42.

Enjoy the read and get out and see some live music, until next month – Enjoy Yer Blues!

Paul Stiles

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  1. Nigel Passmore says:

    Hi, Love the magazine, avid reader me! In September issue there was a reference to a TV programme coming up on Thursday 12 September about the Blues. I can’t find this in the TV schedules, can you help me, please? Nigel.

  2. Paul Stiles says:

    Hi Nigel
    Journey to the Heart Of The Blues is due to be broadcast on BBC on 14th September. It will also be available on the iPlayer. Info supplied by Giles Robson. Maybe check his website – things could have changed.

  3. Graham ALDRIDGE says:

    For Nigel and Paul.

    The documentary was on radio, not TV (can’t expect miracles I suppose 🤷🏻‍♂️). It’s available on iPlayer til mid-October so if you see this in time you should be able to give it a listen

    Details in link below.

    Link to show on BBC Sounds (requires an iPlayer / BBC account)

  4. Thankyou to Geoff Scott for the fabulous review much appreciated and valued

  5. Joey Thompson says:

    How do I purchase this issue 213

  6. Paul Stiles says:

    I see you found out Joey.
    For others just go to the Subscribe tab

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