What’s New in Issue 115

June 30, 2011 in Editorial

There is an East-side theme to the two major articles this month. Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band are based in Aberdeen on the East Coast of Scotland. The band has a new, rather good album out, called Life At Captain Tom’s. I phoned Gerry to ask him about the making of it, about the band and how he acquired his musical prowess.

The musicians in Hokie Joint come from Essex and Suffolk, East of London. Their second album, just out, is called The Music Starts To Play. It reflects their individual, quirky style, which is making them very popular as a live act. They are on the road quite a bit, so I called the harmonica player Giles King, who told me about the new album, how he joined the band and more.

We have two e-letters this month. Andrew Black, the guitarist, singer and songwriter from Atlanta Georgia, came to the UK last year and played some dates with Robin Bibi. This month, he will be touring again, also with Robin. In his e-letter Andrew writes about his twenty years in music.

The second e-letter is by Phil Allen of The Idle Hands Blues Band, which is a British rock-blues band. The guys in this band, like the other musicians in this issue, are all self-taught. Their sixth album is called Ready For Business and will be out shortly.

When people ask me how the blues is doing in the UK, I could point to the fact that every month we have more articles and reviews than we can accommodate. We have had to hold back some major interviews, live reviews and CD reviews. We have several festival reviews this month and lots more festivals coming up.

Thank you to all our contributors and to our readers; without you there would be no magazine!

Fran Leslie

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