What’s New in Issue 127

June 29, 2012 in Editorial

Why does Chantel McGregor say young guitar prodigies shouldn’t believe in their own hype?

Why does Buddy Whittington describe Texas Blues as “...a country guy playing jazz”?

Which 1967 European-Tour video inspired Vintage Trouble to bring their old school rhythm and blues to the UK?

Which former poet-laureate writes about Colne for ‘First I Look at the Verse’?

Where did Ian Siegal have his “...biggest and best steak ever.”?

Who helps Les Back track-down that elusive Elmore James guitar sound?

All these questions are answered in issue 127

And there’s more:

Matt Schofield plays the ‘Gig of the Month’, there are tips on how to start your own blues club in ‘I Live the Life I Love’ and ‘Our Monica’ tracks down a female blues-harpist in Scotland.

There are reviews of festivals in Yorkshire, Wales, Northern Ireland and Devon and gigs from Kent to Liverpool plus dozens of CD and DVD reviews.

Michael Ford

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