What’s New in Issue 129

August 29, 2012 in Editorial

Why did Larry McCray grow up thinking Jimi Hendrix was white?

Which 60s superstar turned up to record with Sandi Thom wearing leather, feathers and blue nail varnish?

Why does Hokie Joint say ‘Learn from our mistakes’ if you want to make a living from music?

Why did ‘Texican’ blues band Los Lonely Boys think their dad had written ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’?

Was someone lying about the death of Bessie Smith?

All these questions are answered in Issue 129!

And there’s more – Vintage Trouble play ‘The Gig of Month’ and Jimmy Reed is ‘Blues Birthday of the Month',  Tommy Allen has recommendations for your record collection and Les Back for your guitar collection.

There is a bumper complement of Festival reviews – from Italy, Spain, Ealing, Tyneside, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and more. Reports on live music at venues from South London to North Yorkshire are featured, along with dozens of CD and DVD reviews.

Michael Ford

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