What’s New in Issue 136

March 26, 2013 in Editorial

Issue 136Why did Mike Sanchez grow “...a real Errol Flynn moustache...” when he was twenty one?

What does Elvin Bishop remember about his first encounter with Newcastle Brown Ale in 1966?

Why is Matt Schofield pleased that he can’t win the best guitarist award?

How did Norman Beaker win a slot on the Lonnie Donegan Show?

Which Rolling Stones song would Otis Taylor like to record as ‘a field holler’?

All these questions are answered in April’s Issue (136) of Blues in Britain.

Plus: read Dale Storr in his new column on ‘Keyboard Kings’, Tom Attah busting a ‘House of the Rising Sun’ myth and about a driving instructor called Robert Johnson.

With all your favourite features including dozens of CD reviews and reports on gigs from the South of England to the North of Ireland.

Michael Ford

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