What’s New in Issue 138

May 29, 2013 in Editorial

Issue 138Why does Finnish ‘slide-queen’ Erja Lyytinen particularly like playing to English people?

What new name for his band did Norman Beaker find on a Mindbenders album in 1967?

Which overheard ‘phone call ‘outed’ Dana Dixon as a harp player?

Which single does Alan Glen nominate as the top Chess release of all time?

Why does John Lee Hooker Jnr say that people offering him drugs are ‘just being kind?’

All these questions are answered in June’s Blues in Britain (Issue 138)

Dale Storr nominates his favourite pianist, Tommy Allen recommends a home-grown CD for your collection and Monica Reed tells why she’s been away so long.

Plus ‘all the Bs’ with reviews of festivals in Banbury, Burnley, Bowness and Byron Bay.

Michael Ford

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