What’s New in Issue 140

July 27, 2013 in Editorial

Issue 140Why did Bob Hall get “...that little tingle on the back of the neck,” when he first heard Little Jimmy Reed?

Why does guitar tutor Rick Payne say “...kids today would benefit from using their ears more.”

How did the Nightporters make-up after breaking up?

How did a Spanish conquistador’s search for gold help Moreland and Arbuckle complete their new album?

Who was the real ‘Queen of the Blues’?

All these questions are answered in August’s Issue (140) of Blues in Britain.

Plus, Dale Storr argues that Professor Longhair was the most influential New Orleans pianist ever, Tommy Allen recommends an Aerosmith album for your blues collection and Norman Beaker describes when Bob Harris was not-so-unflappable.

With all your favourite features including CD, DVD and book reviews, reports on gigs from across Britain and of festivals from Louisiana to Lancashire.

Michael Ford

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  1. Akron's Own Queen of Blues says:

    Congrats on being published overseas. All that means is you are doing your job as a musician and blues singer 🙂
    Thanks for all your encouragement and being a friend.

    Much love,
    Marilyn Oliver

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