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December 4, 2008 in Editorial

The Animals has always been a dynamic blues-rock band, ever since it was formed in the nineteen-sixties. It has been through many changes but John Steel has always been driving the pace from the drum stool. John has had an interesting life and he talked about it to Trevor Hodgett, who interviewed him for this issue of Blues In Britain.

We also have a quartet of e-letters from a variety of artists. Harper was born in the UK, raised in Western Australia and is now a US resident. He is back for a tour in December and he writes to introduce himself to those of us who have yet to see him.

Chantel McGregor tells her how she has battled against the odds as a singer, electric guitarist and bandleader. I was impressed when I saw her band at the Burnley Festival this year. Last year she was named Musician of the Year at Leeds College of Music, where is in her final year.

Most of us are familiar with The SPIKEdrivers, a trio of talented blues folk and roots artists. If you have never seen them, you have a treat in store. The have a live album out, Live at High Barn, which is an excellent example of what they play. Maurice McElroy has written to fill in the details.

The Catfish Kings is a new band of mature musicians, all of whom have played in previous line-ups. Harry Lang, previously the front man of Mo’ Indigo, has sent in the e-letter to bring us up to date with the new line-up.

In January, we have to put up the price of the magazine. If you have to renew or you want to extend your subscription before then you can do so at the old rate of £43 per year. An added incentive is the next Blues In Britain CD, compiled by Mike Hellier of Movin’ Music. This will have a dozen or more tracks by UK and US artists who regular tour in the UK.

Winter is pretty gloomy and the recession looms but there are many great gigs to cheer us up. Wrap up warm, get out, and enjoy the festive season. I will see you there!

Fran Leslie

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  1. Hi, Scott and everyone:
    Been a long time. Last time I was in the UK, I was with Chicago Bob Nelson. Before that, Big Daddy (Neal) Pattman, Big Boy Henry, all with of course Mr. Dave Peabody. I hope everyone is well. Hope to see you sometime soon with my own band or with the great Wanda Johnson (playing in Europe but still not booked in UK). Stay well & let me know how I can subscribe to the magazine.
    Take care
    Peace & love from South Carolina
    Gary Erwin aka Shrimp City Slim
    keys/vox/occasional washboard

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