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March 1, 2010 in Editorial

Issue 99As a teenager in the sixties when the popular music of the day was based on r&b, I became a born-again blues fan after I saw the light at one of Eric Clapton’s 24 Nights shows at the Royal Albert Hall. Many of the people I interview have been blues men who have, as Chris Rea put it, ‘a day-job of successful recording artist’. Or, as in Snowy White’s case, they have been in such demand as guitarists that they have not had time to play the music they love. Apart from playing with Cockney Rebel, Al Stewart, Pink Floyd and the like, Snowy White had his own band The White Flames. Recently however, partly because his fans want to hear him play the blues, he has formed The Snowy White Blues Project, which includes guitarist and singer Matt Taylor. Last year, the band released an album, called In Our Time of Living, and is touring the blues circuit in the UK and Europe. I called Snowy up to ask him about The Project for Blues In Britain.

The Blue Devils is collaboration between the fine guitarist Richard Studholme and bass player Jim Leverton. They are also involved in the Mojo Music Weekends in Kent. Michael Prince fills us in on the details.

Australian Tommy Emmanuel is a guitar virtuoso who plays with skill and fire. He is on tour currently but he found time to send in an e-letter to tell us about the new show he is doing with The Frank Vignola Trio and the album they have recorded together.

Singer and bass player Fran McGillivray and guitarist Mike Burke are known to many as part of So Long Angel. They have been on the UK blues scene seemingly forever. They have just released an album as a duo, The Road That You Believe In and Fran has written an e-letter to tell us about that and about Mike and her.

Lord Clement-Jones, Tim to his friends, is a Liberal Democrat peer with responsibility for Culture, Media & Sport. He is championing a new bill through Parliament, which aims to restore music to small venues without the need for an expensive and punitive licence. This is a cross-party matter rather than a party political one. He took time to call me up to explain the aim of the bill and strategies we can adopt to help it get passed. It is due to go to the House of Commons for a second reading on Friday 12th of March. You can email your MP and ask him or her to support it and you can sign the petition on the Number 10 web site. If someone tries to solicit your vote, in the run up to the election, ask what the candidate is doing to support the bill. Read the full interview with Lord Clement-Jones here.

Fran Leslie

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  1. Cool blues outfit, the Grey Goose supported Snowy recently at the Robin 2 Bilston. The Geese were flying in an audaciously jazzy set. This is a hugely talented new blues outfit making waves in the West Midlands at he moment. Look out for them at the Robin again on 28th April 2010 supporting he great Matt Schofield this time. This will be a good gig. Frankie Williams, singer guitarist of the Grey Goose Blues Band.

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